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Enables LightInject to be used in a web application and provides support for PerWebRequest scoped service instances.


LightInject.Web provides two distribution models via NuGet


PM> Install-Package LightInject.Web

This adds a reference to the LightInject.Web.dll in the target project.


PM> Install-Package LightInject.Web.Source

This will install a single file (LightInject.Web.cs) into the current project.

The following example shows how to enable LightInject in the Application_Start event.

protected void Application_Start()
    var container = new ServiceContainer();
    container.Register<IFoo, Foo>(new PerScopeLifetime());      

A service registered with PerScopeLifetime is scoped per web request and is disposed at the end of the request if it implements IDisposable.